41: Pare Booking & Brandon Breitenbach

August 31, 2015

Twitter: @b_bach

Instagram: @b_back

With over thirteen years of experience working with both professional and independent artists, as well as entrepreneurial endeavors, Brandon’s role has placed him in touch with every facet of the music industry. Personal motivation and a high sense of professionalism, have brought him success not only in the music industry, but also in launching multiple companies. Calling San Diego his home, he enjoys time on the golf course, and going on adventures with his wife and daughter.

PARE is a talent booking agency that allows any artist, regardless of demand, to independently book events through a clean and simple mobile application. The application encompasses every aspect of the booking process, integrating paperless contracts, electronic payments, and event calendar organization. PARE will diminish the unnecessary in order to increase the profitability and productivity of the artist. Find out more at parebooking.com


Twitter: @parebooking

Instagram: @parebooking

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