33: Hells Angels coke deals & Dane Hesse

April 10, 2015


Instagram: @pigbarber

Head barber at Eagle & Pig Dane Hesse moved to Costa Mesa for college, earning a bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science from Vanguard University in 2008. After mulling over many prospective career opportunities post-college, Dane recognized the potential of a career as a barber and headed to the Real Barber’s College in Anaheim, graduating in 2009.

Dane spent 2010 gaining experience in a local, coastal barber shop and set-out in 2011 to open his own shop, a shop that would reflect his own style and interests. The Eagle & Pig isn’t your traditional barber shop. Dane’s love of old cars, tattoos, motorcycles, handiwork, good beer, whiskey, and surfing give the shop a vibe unlike any other. Dane’s focus is on the customer experience, and his eclectic tastes really do include something for every customer. Visit Dane for a damn-good haircut, but hang around for a good chat and a beer or whiskey.

Introducing: Andrew (Vaughan) Woolsey

We welcome Andrew as the newest addition to the Balance family. He has been helping out since the beginning (with our song) and will be increasing his contributions to the show as our official producer. He will be a common voice on the show, so go give him a follow. 

Vaughan Woolsey, a SoCal native, was plucked form his homeland and placed in Pittsburgh, PA where he was to become a Mastering Engineer for Treelady Studios. His love for music and music tech is second only to his family. He is a spiritualist. An idealist. A light heartedly self-proclaimed philosopher. Always willing either to have a heated debate or a hilarious back-and-forth of trying to laugh without smiling.

Site:  thejoshuabreed.com

Twitter: @thejoshuabreed

Instagram: @thejoshuabreed

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