The Balance...from mindset to movement

December 31, 2014

Staying tried & true

On June 28, 2013 we launched and posted the first interview of our podcast. Eighteen months later we have posted almost 30 interviews and have loved having the privilege of sharing stories about balance and encouraging our community towards a healthier rhythm in life and creating. 

We have said this many of times throughout the years, but when Aaron and I started the podcast we committed to never let the responsibility of running a podcast effect the balance in our own lives and careers. We have tried to keep posts consistent, but (like always) the various seasons of life have effected how much the Balance Family could commit to the interviews. 

As we approach the new year, I have been trying to envision what I want for the Balance, what would be most beneficial for the listeners, and what is realistic for myself and the rest of the co-hosts. My resolution is that I want to see this mindset turn into a movement. 


The Mindset

Our goal has always been to facilitate conversations around the balance between creativity & everything that fuels it in life. We found that this conversation was a constant topic in our musings and day-to-day struggles as creatives. After all our interviews with the amazing group of guests we have had, it is apparent that balance is more of a mindset than a skill. Likewise, balance is a spectrum that we traverse on a journey. Our hope is to find moments of balance rather than 'arriving' at a destination of balance.  

This mindset is not only something that we and our guests have discussed, but something that our community has expressed as well. Our community is small, yet is overflowing with authenticity and passion. Seeing this mindset of balance resonate with our community is simply validation that this message is one that we need to keep spreading. 


The Movement

If the mindset is the 'what', then the movement is the 'how.' We want to make The Balance much more than just a podcast that sells stickers. We want this be a movement of creatives that prioritizes balance in their lives. We want our community to not only live this out in their own lives, but also share and encourage creatives around them. We aren't going to write a manifesto or make you sign your name in blood, but here are some core behavioral patterns that we want to live by and invite you to live into.

1. Balanced Creativity

In order to do quality work, we need to be creating from a place of inspiration and passion. This can only happen if we allow ourselves to step away from work. We have been taught that the harder you work the more you get... and we disagree. You might be getting more, but it won't be quality. We believe in hard work, but only quality work that is fueled by experiences and perspectives outside of our craft. 

2. Balanced Time 

Time is precious and we choose to treat it that way. In order to filter the noise and keep up with the hustle of life, we value intentionality and focus. We desire to be responsible with our time and be present whether it is at work, dinner with family or a weekend away with friends. 

3. Balanced Identity

Our identity as creatives is paramount. We wear titles on our sleeves, however we are much more than designers, photographers, writers, musicians, artists or creatives. We value having an identity and life outside of our craft. We think there is a more fulfilling and rich life to live; one where we can immerse ourselves in a hobby, devote ourselves to a family, or contribute to something bigger than ourselves. 

4. Balanced Expectation

Life is full of changes, adversity and surprises. We think a healthy creative life requires the embrace of constraints, focusing on our own work (not others) and positivity. We dictate our reality. An accurate expectation of our work and for future is essential for our mindset. 


Join the Movement

We would love for you to be an active part of this movement through some practical ways to contribute and participate.

Change your mindset

The most important part of our movement is your pursuit of balance. Our hope is that we can pursue and advocate for a healthy creative life, not only at work, but at home and in community. We believe there is a better way to create and it starts with making balance a priority...we hope you do, too. 


Share your story about balance

The best part about a movement is its ability to influence others and have a positive impact. We want to hear your stories and hope that you can also share it with those around you. We also love to see our community online, so be sure to share your moments of balance with the rest of us using the hashtag #BalanceOrDie. 


Wear your pride

We created some Balance or Die stickers for listeners to rep and got a huge response. We love seeing The Balance pride online and IRL, so we are going to add to our merch in 2015. We are looking into doing some small t-shirt runs as well as other possible product collaborations. Keep your eyes out and follow us on twitter for updates.


 We believe there is a better way to create and it starts with making balance a priority...we hope you do, too.