Schedule & Timeline

We normally record on Thursdays & Fridays from 3-5pm PST, but we can be flexible if the time/day doesn't work. Also, if you are in a different time zone and need a different time, we can work with you on that also. Our hour is normally broken up like the following:

Standard Interview Session

4:00 – 4:30  Sounds check & introductions

4:30 – 5:00  Interview / Recording

Recording & Format

We will be all calling in to a Google Hangout for the recording. If you haven't used a Hangouts, all you will need is a google account w/ Google+ activated. We will shoot out an invite once we get a date locked in. If you can't use the hangout, we can always call you into the chat from your phone.

For the best audio quality possible, its ideal if you use a set of headphones that have an internal microphone. This will help eliminate any room noise. If you have a microphone or any other type of gaming headphone, "Britney Spears" Microphone, or something similar….thats even better.

What We Need From You

1.  A Google address we can reach you at (or Skype if you don't use Gmail).

2.  Nice large high-resolution image for the post page.

3.  A simple blurb about yourself for the post.

4.  Three random (and we mean random) facts about yourself for your introduction.

5.  Your audio file*

*We chat in the Hangout, but record our tracks individually. If you have a Mac, we recommend you use GarageBand (it should be pre-installed), or you can use Quicktime. Once the interview is over, you can send us ( the file via DropboxDrive, or Minbox.